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Created on 2017-04-09 01:41:50 (#2974578), last updated 2017-04-19 (26 weeks ago)

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Welcome to 10_random a fic challenge community with a twist.
FAQ | Claims | Blank Prompt Table | Hall of Fame

Instead of having a set list of prompts for participants to choose from, 10_random is a completely random list of prompts selected by one of the mods for each writer.

01. More than one person can claim the same thing, since the prompts will be randomly assigned to each person, each person will be writing something different. You can have two claims at the same time.
02. All ratings, genres, characters, pairings will be allowed except RPF/RPS.
03. Original characters are allowed both in their own fandom or an exsisting fandom.
04. If you choose a pairing/threesome, your fics do not have to be romantic in nature. They can be friends, family members, et cetra.
05. Please label all fics with the appropriate warnings and ratings. Be sure to use a lj-cut or fake lj-cut for all fics, irregardless of ratings and content.
06. All fics starting at 100 words or over are allowed. You can choose to use your ten prompts to write a multi-chaptered fic or write each prompt as a seperate piece of work.
07. No flaming.
08. Please post one fic at least once a month. All fics should be new fics written for this community, however you can combine our prompts with those from other communities.

When posting your fics, please use the following header. We ask that you do not remove anything from the header (except for Author Notes or Warnings, if your fic does not have any.):

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