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I've only had three people respond to this post in regards to the claims housekeeping.

Please take a moment and repsond to that post by the end of this week to let me know if you are interested in retaining your claim.

Everyone who does not respond will be removed from the claims.
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I have two admin announcements to make today.

First, I have re-organized the tags for this community so that they are easier to use. From now on the tags will be as follows:

author: your lj user name, fandom: your claimed fandom

In the case of crossovers, an additional tag of &crossover will be used.

An example of the tags is: author: aaronlisa, fandom: dark angel

As of right now, I have tagged all of the fics posted to this community using this system.

The second thing is rather simple. I'd like to do a clean up of the claims. If you are still working on your claim, please leave a comment with your claim at this post.

If I have not heard from you and you have not posted to the community within two months by Sunday June 28th, I will remove your claim from the list of claims.

Edit: The new deadline to respond to this post is by 11:00PM Sunday July 19th.
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Finished your claim?

Please leave a comment here and we'll add you to the Hall of Fame and we'll present you with a banner.

When commenting, please remember to leave the following information:
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You can claim a character, pairing/threesome, or general fandom. However you can not claim RPS/RFS.

If you are claiming an Original Character in an exsisting fandom, please let me know which character(s) are the original characters. As well if your fandom is an original one, please put "Original Fandom" for fandom.

Remember that multiple people can claim the same thing as each prompt table provided for each participant is a random table specifically for them.

Each participant can make a total of two claims.

To make a claim, please fill out the following form:

Once your claim has been approved, you will be assigned a tag and your comment(s) will be deleted.

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