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Sandy ([personal profile] ersatzkapitaen) wrote in [community profile] 10_random2010-03-30 07:55 pm

Counterstrike - Chapter 4

Title: Counterstrike - Chapter 4
Author: [ profile] wdr_freak
Claim: Midsomer Murders, Ben Jones
[ profile] 10_random prompt: lost & found
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters of DCI Barnaby, DS Jones and DC Stevens are not mine. I merely borrow them so Jones can solve another crime. All other appearing characters are my creation and completely fictional. Similarities to any existent persons are not intended.

Jones recieves a surprising call...

Sorry for the slow progress, life is busy. But to make up for it, I bring you two chapters today. I'll try to post the rest throughout the Easter weekend. ^_^

lost & found )

Missed the previous chapters? Check out the story overview here.

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